10 people tell us about their perfect Valentine's Day

10 people tell us about their perfect Valentine's Day

By Madelyn Collins

Pursuing a journalism and electronic media major at the University of Tennessee. Teach and perform dance on the side as a living.

Valentine’s Day, for some, can be a stressful 24 hours of last-minute planning, nervous purchases, and lots of pressure. We asked both men and women what they truly want on this passionate day.

February 14th is a day on millions’ of minds as they brainstorm the perfect way to woo their partner. Whether it be an elaborate candlelight dinner or finding the biggest stuff animal you can buy, the pressures on this day can run extremely high. So high, people break up from it! According to a Facebook study tracking breakup statuses, couples are more likely to break up in the weeks leading up to and following Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Jonathan Fader, a psychologist and assistant professor of family medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, sums up this trend due to expectations. “For many, Valentine’s Day comes with a host of expectations including gifts, special dinners, and romantic locales,” Dr. Fader says, “… setting expectations so high can set us up for disappointment when reality doesn’t match up to these unrealistic hopes.”

For many, the process of figuring out a flawless Valentine’s Day can become a stressful game. Currently, some of the top Google searches revolve around “valentines day gifts for” him or her. Relationship counselor John Gray said it the best in his famous book title, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” Many advice articles will tell you women want grand romantic gestures, expensive gifts, and pricey meals, while the only thing men really want is sex.

To find out if these suggestions really have some truth to them, I asked five women and men: “What does a perfect Valentine’s Day look like to you?”

Drew, 20, Male
“Just a whole day with my loved one. Whether it’s going to our favorite restaurant or staying home wrapped up watching movies. As long as I can be with them.”

Tina, 19, Female
“Just give me food and sex and I’m straight.”

Adilet, 24, Male
“Case 1: My perfect Valentine’s Day would be to go out to a nice dinner place. Sushi or steak house, my preference, but we would end up going to my date’s favorite place. Maybe a movie after…. If not a movie, Netflix back at our place.
Case 2: Probably go to a carnival or six flags. Something fun with a lot of activities. Sea World or Disney.
It would most likely be case 1… I heard going on group dates is fun too.”

Adrianna, 19, Female
“Perfect Valentines is raiding stores on their sale chocolate the day after.”

Cortez, 20, Male
“I really enjoy movies. I’m not a sweets type of person so I prefer little things like cards and stuff if I’m given a gift, but gifts don’t really matter.”

Helen, 21, Female
“Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your loved one. So while getting spoiled with flowers and handwritten letters is lovely, all I really want to do is cuddle and forget all the other distractions for the evening. I think I’d prefer staying at home and cooking something rather than going out to eat. Plus, that gives us the chance to put on music and dance while we’re cooking. And we would probably go on a late night ice cream run to the supermarket 10 minutes before it closes.
And then of course also lots of sex.”

Dante, 23, Male
“I normally like staying in and buying some wine and take out during the night. During the day, possibly a little road trip to a hiking trail or someplace with a scenic view.”

Taylor, 21, Female
“Waking up in bed with flowers. Then a night at a romantic dinner either homemade or pick a special place.
Then sex of course.”

Connor, 21, Male
“A really nice home-cooked meal with a glass of wine. Exchanging really sweet gifts and then watching a movie together.”

Sarah, 25, Female
“My perfect Valentine’s Day would be just hanging with my partner at home, with my favorite takeout food, on the couch, watching a movie we both have been wanting to see. There would also be lots of sweets there! I think I would just want to see that my partner knows the food I like, where I want to be, and what I like to do to relax. Not going too over the top, or wanting to go out, just spending quality time together.”

If you’re worried about what to do for your loved one, it seems everyone wants at least one thing in common on the day of love. Time.

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