I Get to Decide

I Get to Decide

Female. Arizona

I used to cut because it let me have control of my life. I used to turn back to a blade when I felt worthless.

It started when the guy I fell so hard for finally told me about his girlfriend.

I had heard rumors about it, but didn't believe it.

The cutting was a way to punish myself for thinking I had a chance with a guy like him.

When I told him I was cutting he said, "We still have a chance if you get help," so help is what I got.

He later broke up with his girlfriend, but we didn't end up dating.

I've been clean for 3 months now.

I am done letting him get to me.

I'm done letting him having his cake and eat it too.

He doesn't get to have me hanging around waiting anymore.

He doesn't get to control my life anymore, I'm the only one who can do that.

Love Heals

Love Heals