Not Succumbing to Darkness

Not Succumbing to Darkness

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You want to hear a story about the toughest thing I’ve been through?

It may not be the worst story out there, but I do know I’ve had a hard time. So here’s my story.

I was a happy and innocent girl, until one day in late December 2016. Then it all changed.

It started as a pretty ordinary day.  My alcoholic mum didn’t turn up to pick me up, but hey, that was normal.

I messed around for the rest of the day, did the usual kind of random things. I was happy.

When I got home at around 8pm or so, and my dad sat me down and said, “Your mum was in a car accident,” in a cautious voice.

“Is, is she dead?” my shaky voice replied.

“She passed away, yes” he said.

A truck had crashed into her whilst she was on her way to pick me up. My world was destroyed, my happiness gone.

Whilst my mum was an alcoholic, she had been in a good place for about 2 years. However the day she was killed, there were wine bottles in her car.

Her loss hit me really hard. My life spiraled in the next few months. Self-harming, depression, anxiety. I could not rid myself of this darkness.

Eventually, a suicide attempt nearly ended my life. I survived with a broken ankle, and multiple mental health services aiding me. 

Fast forward to today, and there is good news.

I’m a long way from being fully healed, but I am now back to being able to smile, laugh, and enjoy life.

I have the most amazing best friend, she brightens up my life, and we probably wouldn’t be this close without the terrible experiences I’ve been through.

That phrase ‘every cloud has a silver lining’? is true. You may not believe it, you may not be able to find the light easily, but it’s there. Even in the most unlikely of places.

I’m in a good place at the moment, and it’s incredible. So fight for that feeling, even if it’s temporary, it can save your life. 

Greatness Is In Everyone

Greatness Is In Everyone

Love Heals

Love Heals