Someone Out There Cares

Someone Out There Cares

Female. Australia

Well, being big isn't exactly anyone's dream, now is it?

I've always been big boned, short and nervous. I have no self-confidence at all about my figure and how I'm shaped. My family has always put me down for it and have compared me to my cousins, who look like twigs.

I was so close to suicide because of their ridicule. However, a truly inspiring person, my best friend, pulled me up and told me that I was perfect and that was all I needed to hear.

I started dressing differently, acting differently, and I felt like I was getting on the right path.

You have to work for a happy ending though, and I didn't realize things would actually get worse before they got better.

I started getting anonymous emails saying, “I'm a waste of flesh” and to “go apologize to the tree that is helping me breathe.” Those emails really hurt me. My world was crumbling and I started isolating myself from everyone.

Then, the Internet came into play.

I have a lot of online friends through gaming and I've made some unbreakable bonds with them.

Take my online best friend for example, he’s from Canada, and I vent to him about everything. The amazing part is that we haven't even met face to face!

For me, it feels easier to make friends online. Although not everyone online is going to be nice, it feels like a home away from home.

As of today, my depression is gone!

I am a more positive, resilient girl, who is feeling better about her body more than ever!

You have to work for a reward, and my reward is my body and my friends! So, keep your head up, stay strong and remember there's someone out there who cares about you.

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Getting Stronger Every Day

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