Open the Dialogue

Open the Dialogue

By Paige Goldstein

Undergraduate student at UMass Amherst. Social media enthusiast + activist for equality and social change. I am interested in fitness, health and fashion.

Since when is “you’re a pussy” deemed an insult?

Since when do we feel more comfortable shouting curse words than the word “vagina”.

Can we remember where we all come from?

How many of you feel comfortable saying the word vagina?
Not many of you…

Why is that? Why has society turned this word into making us feel ashamed.

Instead people say “Like down there” 

Giggle worthy and face turns red.

It is time ladies that we respect our vaginas, we talk about our vaginas, and we are proud of our vaginas.

Let’s open the dialogue and realize issues with sex, vaginas and your partners are normal.

Do you seriously think you are the only one with your period, sexually active, with a yeast infection or a UTI?

3 in every 4 women have a yeast infection at least once in their life.
25% of infections women get are UTI’S.
It is common.

We must destigmatize the word vagina and educate women on healthy ingredients and proper ways to treat your vagina. 

It is crucial we open the dialogue and educate on the importance of protecting your vagina and taking care of yourself.

GIRL POWER is alive and stronger than ever and it all starts with each and every one of you respecting yourself and living the healthiest life possible.

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