A Hobby Can Help

A Hobby Can Help

By Shane Martin

Pursuing a philosophy and history major with a minor in creative writing at the Macaulay Honors College. Passionate gamer, writer, and musician. Geek for ancient cultures and mythologies and can talk about World of Warcraft for hours.

Gaming ‒ particularly World of Warcraft ‒ has, and continues to be, an immense part of my life.

Just a few hours in the evening after a long day at middle school, high school, college, camp, or work, and my day is fulfilled.

This game, like any hobby, gives me purpose, mirth, and memories, and will never cease doing so.

All you need is one hobby that we love, connect with, and look forward to every day. Once you’ve found it, be it gaming or something entirely different, the rest of life’s joys will follow.

Whatever hobby you chose, your passion will bring you out of your comfort zone without you even knowing it.

This is a poem I have written about my hobby, World of Warcraft.

2009, enter Bazbirttwo,
the tall and hunched Troll Hunter.
Blue skin, big and pink-painted ears and nose,
sharp tusks, and dressed in rags.

He held a crooked wooden bow,
and a tattered quiver with two arrows.
His loyal partner ‒ Tusks Jr. ‒ a tan,
mud-coated, small-snouted boar.

In the vast foreign desert land,
filled with scorpions, boars,
cacti, and assassins, a friendly
hand guided him.

Every day he gained in wealth and power
Every day he befriended new people.

The problems of Earth waned.
The glories of Azeroth waxed.

As he conquered
legions of demons,
so too did he conquer
his quizzes and tests.

As he slew
undead monstrosities,
so too did he slay
his shyness and hesitancy.

As he discovered
new lands, threats, and allies,
so too did he discover
opportunity and friendship.

As he unlocked
new abilities,
so too did he unlock
his smile.

As he realized
his full potential,
so too did he realize
his truest friends.

Now donning chain mail and
wielding a bronze bow,
with lightning crackling
over the metal, Bazbirttwo
and Tusks Jr. still fight with pals,
like nothing ever changed.

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