Looking Good is not the Same as Being Healthy

Looking Good is not the Same as Being Healthy

By Shane Martin

Pursuing a philosophy and history major with a minor in creative writing at the Macaulay Honors College. Passionate gamer, writer, and musician. Geek for ancient cultures and mythologies and can talk about World of Warcraft for hours.

We are led to believe that appearance is everything. That “ideal” look flaunted by athletes, models, and even some of your best friends.

Ok, maybe your best friend isn’t in peak physical condition, but we all have a friend or two, a family member or two, a classmate or coworker or two who has an appearance we envy.

So, naturally we should all try to get skinny by any means necessary, so that we can look and feel good, right?


Before you yell at your screen or flip a keyboard, let me just say that I’m not telling you not to try and get fit. Contrarily, I’m a nice person and want that for everyone. Being disparaged sucks. Being self-conscious sucks. Being unhealthy sucks.

Then why did I build up the perceived importance of appearance so much?

So I can break it down, of course.

Many times we become so distracted by our waist size that we forget the imperative that comes before getting skinny:

Getting healthy.

Yes, that means changing your lifestyle, not just doing 100 sit ups a night for four days and then stopping because your abs are sore.

Fitness helps us to be healthy, and fitness helps to supply us with that desirable appearance we seek. Don’t look around for “life hacks” or cheats to get slim because they don’t work in the long term.

Believe me, I wish we were in the year 2490 and we had technology so that everyone could look great without having to work so hard at it.

Keep in mind, just because you’re slender doesn’t mean you’re healthy. We all have that friend with the fast metabolism who eats pizza with seven toppings, ice cream, and two pieces of cake five times a week. But by no means should you aspire to be like them, because you have no idea what's going on with their actual health.

Do not strive to be slim just because you want to look good. Strive to be slim because you want to be healthy.

Remember: Skinny ≠ Healthy. Healthy = Healthy.

Is feeling healthy impossible? Get more sleep!

Is feeling healthy impossible? Get more sleep!

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