Met a guy on tinder and we went for lunch.

The date went okay but I wasn't really interested in him because he was quite boring.

After the date, he asked me to drive him to where his car was parked.

As I started to drive, he put his hands down his pants and began to masturbate.

I was so shocked and disgusted that I literally froze and couldn't speak.

He began moaning and told me to look.

As we approached his car he told me to watch me finish, and he exploded all over his pants.

I slammed on the brakes and told him in a calm voice, thank you for lunch now please get the fuck out of my car.

He asked me for a tissue to clean himself up. I gave him the tissue and he got out. I immediately blocked his number in my phone and deleted him from tinder.

I fell in love with an Italian girl who was studying here in Portugal.

She left and we decided not to have a long distance relationship.

It’s been 2 months since she left and I can't seem to move on.

I am crazy enough to move to Italy, but I have people dependent on me (my family), and I don't know what to do.

I know nothing is forever, and this could go wrong, but I really want to give this a shot because it's the first time I have felt this way for someone.

We had a long distance relationship, and we were totally in love.

I broke his heart, and I ended up marrying someone else.

I hadn’t seen him in 10 years, but 2 months ago we met up for the first time.

He has a girlfriend now, but when he dropped me off, we kissed.
My heart is still with him, but I know we'll never be together.

A while back I was walking and bumped into a girl by accident. She started screaming at me, and asked me if I was blind.

Her boyfriend was next to her, and he told her to calm down.

She was really angry that he defended me, and she walked off.

He stayed with me, and apologized for her behavior. He told me that dating her was really hard and that he wanted to end it. He also said he didn't know how to because she was mentally ill, and breaking up with her would kill her.

A few months after that incident, by chance I bumped into him again. He told me he had broken up with his girlfriend a while back because he found out she was just pretending to be ill.

One spring night, while waiting for a train, a group of guys started chatting with me. I gave one of them my number, and 6 months later he contacted me.

I went to his place, typical Netflix and chill. After we had (very bad) sex, we went out together to walk his dog.

As we were walking, he spotted someone walking towards us. He suddenly told me thought it was his girlfriend, which I certainly didn't know about. 

When she approached us, he introduced me as a friend. I just smiled and shook her hand.

As we were talking, the guy made an awkward suggestion that we should have a threesome. His girlfriend went nuts. I left, and took the bus home.

I finally got to go on a date with this guy that I really liked.

He took me to dinner, and then we went back to my house to watch a movie. We snuggled up on the couch, and he put his arm around me.

I put my hand on his thigh...big mistake. The poor guy blew his load in his pants simply because I touched his leg. It was terrible!

We met on tinder, and on the first date he showed up with flowers.

We spent the night together, after which he didn't leave. Instead we spent 2 whole days straight together.

After all this time, he turns to me and says “I was just doing an experiment with you. I wanted to see if I'm ready to have a girlfriend, but I'm not, I really need to focus on my career."

The funny part is that I didn't want to be his girlfriend, and I’m not sure why he didn't just leave after our first night together.