“I really love what you are doing. I honestly cry sometimes when I read the posts you have up.

I hate bullying because I’ve been dealing with it since I was in the 2nd grade and I’m still experiencing it now.

I asked my mom to transfer me because I was being harassed, and bullied for being gay.

I cried almost every night because I didn’t think things would possibly get better. Thank you for creating such a loving environment where people can find help.”
— Female
“I want to let you know because of what you are doing I was able to find help, and have been able to stay clean and off drugs for a long time.

My friends are so happy about this as well. I just wanted to say thank you so much!”
— Male
“My friends had a massive falling out. One became suicidal, and I was afraid the other was going to get hurt.

I really needed help as I was caught in the middle, and have now been able to find a way to get everyone to sit down together to work this out. Thank you.”
— Female
“Your organization helps and inspires me.

Long story short, I have been dealing with bullying for 7 years now, have had two suicide attempts, and lost so many people that I thought were true friends.

Sometimes I feel like life is not worth living anymore. I am emotionally numb, and am able to find helpful advice and inspiration here.

Thanks for helping so many people.”
— Male